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        Job responsibilities:
        1, Responsible for organizing and drafting, modification and improvement of HR management system and work procedure;
        2, Responsible for recruitment, training, performance appraisal, attendance management, employee relations and other daily HR management;
        3, Responsible for the drafting and writing of the position description in each department;
        4, According to industry development and the company development, assist to formulate and implement company's salary system and incentive system;
        5, Assist To supervise and control the performance evaluation process and continuously improve the performance management system;
        6, Assist to promote the formation of corporate philosophy and corporation culture;
        7, Other.

        Post qualification:
        1, Human resources, management or related major graduated students or above;
        2, More than 2 years related working experience, more than 2 years working experience in human resources management, retail industry experience will be preferred;
        3, A systematic understanding and rich practical experience in 
        modern enterprise human resources management mode is required;

        4, Have a thorough understanding in each function module of  human resources management, can instruct the works in each function module;
        5, Familiar with the laws, regulations & policies in national, regional and enterprise management, salary system, the recruitment system, insurance benefits, training and other aspects;
        6, Has the ability to solve complex problems; very capable in planning and implementation;
        7, Good at communication, coordination and execution, very sensible in responsibility and career perfoemance.
        8, Age: 26-35, the requirements of gender: none


        Shenzhen JIAYE Electronic Co. Ltd.

        Add: 2-3 Bldg, D block Hongwei Industrial Park,2nd Liuxian Road,70 Zone, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
        Business: Ms.Chen:13689516153,0755-29619739
        E-mail:chenna@jiaye.com.cn Fax:0755-29619729

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