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                Shenzhen JIAYE Electronic Co., Ltd. (formerly Sanjia company was established in 1996, with a registered capital of 3.8 million yuan, has increased the capital to 10 million yuan in 2016). is specializing in developing and manufacturing of CD288HM, CD288H, CD81 long life high frequency low impedance electrolytic capacitors, CD82, CD82L, CD82H slender form long life high voltage capacitor; CD11 traditional type whole series of electrolytic capacitor; CD294 Longhorn capacitor and other series, including

                             Mini capacitor

                             large capacitor

                             Solid polymer capacitor

                             Lighting capacitor

               The products are mainly supported to full range of power products, annual production capacity reaches to 5 billion. We have strong supplying ability, and has been authorized as exemption certificate supplier by some well known switch power manufacturer.  

               The company has top advanced production equipment and strong technology force. With a first-class product R & D center and testing center, our management strictly accordance with the ISO9001:2008 quality system /ISO14001:2004 environmental system. we take "environmental protection, integrity" as the basis for long-term development of the company, and this belief has been transmitted to every employee. We adhere to "people-oriented" business philosophy, consistently aim to excellent quality and perfect service, insist to customer interest priority principle, we provide fast, high-standard efficient services.

        Shenzhen JIAYE Electronic Co. Ltd.

        Add: 2-3 Bldg, D block Hongwei Industrial Park,2nd Liuxian Road,70 Zone, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
        Business: Ms.Chen:13689516153,0755-29619739
        E-mail:chenna@jiaye.com.cn Fax:0755-29619729

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